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The Benefits of Activated Charcoal

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activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is the ultimate detoxifier.

It essentially traps toxins and chemicals in the body, allowing them to be flushed out. In this way, the toxins don’t stay circulating within the body.

Activated charcoal can be made from a variety of sources. However, the best are natural sources such as coconut shells.

Chemicals and toxins bind to activated charcoal in a process called adsorption. Yes, that’s adsorption, which is the term for this binding effect.

Activated charcoal is used in emergency medical centers worldwide as a treatment for poisoning as well as overdoses. It’s really that effective. But it’s benefits extend into day-to-day life as well…

The Benefits of Activated Charcoal

benefits of activated charcoal

More About Activated Charcoal

  • Activated charcoal can actually prevent hangovers.
  • Activated charcoal is not the same kind of charcoal on your barbecue grill. So don’t consume barbecue charcoal.
  • Princeton University mentions the administration of activated charcoal in its First Aider’s Guide to Alcohol
  • Activated charcoal can purify air, removing odors and even helping food last longer.
  • Activated charcoal purifies water, and is used in many water filters.
  • Just two grams of activated charcoal powder has approximately the same surface area as a football field!

The Top 3 Activated Charcoal Supplements

Supplement Brand
Zen Charcoal
Starwest Botanicals


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